Academic Ads now Officially a Google Partner


Google launched its Partners program last summer and once it did we set out to meet their guidelines to become a Google partner ourselves here at Academic Ads. The commitment it took from us was meeting an advertising spend across all our advertising clients as well as producing high quality campaigns that adhered to Googles “best practice guidelines”.


It didn’t happen overnight

We had successful campaigns but weren’t able to achieve partner status, and up until just 2 months ago finally reached the required limit for ad spend on a monthly basis. We thought we had finally made it, but it appeared Google wanted more!

We setup a call with a customer service rep from Google who walked us through our client campaigns and showed up some simple improvements we could make to improve our campaigns even more! Well after jumping in and updating all our client accounts it appears that Google has noticed as we have finally been approved as an official partner just a month after our call with Google.

google partner

Overall experience

We really enjoyed the help Google was able to provide to a smaller firm like ours and give us the help we needed. We have also seen improvements in our client KPI’s and lead generation which is an added bonus that Im sure our clients will enjoy!

I love that Google plays an active role in our agency lifestyle and helps us grow through both our sales and leadership positions.  They provide us with quality customer service whenever there is an issue that has arisen and you can’t put a price on that.

Since we opened the doors to our online marketing firm back in 2012, we have always tried to give our clients the best possible service and quality of service.  Having Google in our back pocket to help us and our clients whenever needed is definitely an ace up the sleeve for any digital marketing firm.

We look forward to continued growth with our paid search (PPC management or AdWords) service offering as we are always looking for new ways to market effectively outside the box and can now head on confidently as an official Google partner! Here’s looking forward to the rest of 2014, 2015, and onward!


We have continued to provide stellar service and work for our clients by increasing our knowledge base and making sure every one of our employee’s is Google certified for both Analytics and AdWords.  By committing to Google’s Partner program and using the tools, webinars, pitch decks, sales slides and all other material provided, we are able to provide the best quality result for our clients.

We also were able to host a Google coffee and brainstorming breakfast, thanks to Google sending us 16 branded mugs, a bag of starbucks coffee, and a french press coffee maker so that we could have coffee and discuss ways to improve upon our internet marketing services for our customers.  The result was terrific, and the coffee was great.  As they say, coffee is for closers!

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An avid online marketing professional currently living in beautiful Toronto, Canada. I have worked for over a decade in the digital marketing space helping businesses succeed online.

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