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We have started offering referral fees to any of our existing clients and of course our new clients as well. You don’t even need to be a client though to gain a referral fee!  Basically this will allow any of our existing clients to save as much as 20% on your existing bill and will allow new clients or sources of business to actually get a cheque from us! Who doesn’t like free money right? Do you want to find out how? Click below to find out more!

With a new client or even a referral source if someone is put in direct contact with us for any of our online marketing services such as Google AdWords or Search Engine Optimization we offer a one time flat referral fee of 30% on the first month of billing. With Website Development we are offering between 5% and 10% referral fees depending on the scope of the project of course. Basically you would be making a minimum of $100 just for telling your friends about us if they decide to start work. All you have to do is put them in contact with us and notify us at as to who will be in contact and the service they are looking for with your contact details.

We pride ourselves in outstanding results in Pay Per Click marketing strategies for all major Search Engines as well as Social Media. As Social Media is becoming a huge part of business and brand evangelism we understand how important it is to be managed and focused on your client base. This also directly correlates with your organic placement of your site and compliments any Search Engine Optimization service you may or may not be already using.

In addition to receiving a referral fee you can also receive long term discounted service if you have multiple companies that come on board at the same time. We reduce the service anywhere between 5% and 20% as a group discount and are discounted based on how many companies join us at the same time and the types of services required. This allows our clients with multiple businesses to keep their entire online marketing under one roof, save some money, and have the ease of communication with 1 account rep vs multiple groups and chasing reports and billing.

The bottom line is we want your business and are willing to prove to you the value of our service. Whether it is Search Engine Optimization, Social Media, Website Development, or Pay Per Click marketing we want Academic Ads to be your first choice and have a long list of client testimonials and recommendations to atone to our efforts.

Feel free to get in touch with us today as we would love to hear from you!


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An avid online marketing professional currently living in beautiful Toronto, Canada. I have worked for over a decade in the digital marketing space helping businesses succeed online.

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