Case Study – DJ Steaks

DJ Steaks is an online premium steak retailer that offers a unique delivery service for high quality cuts of meat.  They are an online only store and offer a wide range of premium steaks for order.

Academic Ads Case Study

DJ Steaks wanted to grow their business online through various methods of marketing and weren’t having much success with AdWords.  They also wanted to increase their organic ranking with SEO to gain more traffic and sales.

We took a look at their old Google AdWords campaign and completely restructured it to remove non-performing “information seeking” keywords.  We were able to fine tune the campaign and re-organize each sub-sector of their business by ad group.  This gave us a clear picture as to where there was the most interest for their products, and where people were backing out.

Proven Results


Our PPC campaign generated a 120 percent increase in lead volume for DJ Steaks.


Organic search has increased 72.37 percent since the campaign launched.


Organic search traffic to the newly targeted commercial pages increased 22 percent. This demonstrates how a great SEO campaign can be opportunistic and nimble while pursing long-term objectives.

Case Study Chart

We increasingly groomed the PPC campaign to remove irrelevant search terms, while focusing on the search terms that were producing results. This allowed us to fine-tune the campaign from over 300+ keywords down to 115 ultra-targeted keywords.

Example Creative

case study

The Results

case study

From the period of November 2015 to February 2016 we were able to provide a growth in sales for DJ Steaks by over 24 additional sales per month. We were able to increase their organic traffic exponentially as well with a combination of PPC, SEO and Social Media marketing.

After just 3 months of running the search campaign (optimizing placements, keyword lists, positioning, and targeted landing pages), we were able to reduce the cost per lead by 65% from $239.44 to $ $84.45.

We were also able to grow their on-site traffic (organic and paid) by a record amount (2167% increase!) and were able to reduce the bounce rate from 74% to 58%, which equates to a 16% increase in time on site.

We are in the process of revamping their website to make it mobile-friendly and more conversion optimized so stay tuned for more information and updates!