Case Study – Real Estate Lawyers

Real Estate Lawyers provides legal help for those looking for a lawyer specifically in the real estate market.

Academic Ads Case Study

The challenge was that RELS content was laid out abysmally and there was a distinct lack of focus within the websites structure and architecture. The content needed to be re-mapped and optimized in order to rank for the specific terms RELS was looking to rank for.

We revamped the layout and structure of their website first and foremost, by creating suburban city pages with unique content we hoped to be able to rank for “<city> real estate lawyer” for all major cities in the GTA.

We conducted a full audit of their website and found a high number of 404 errors and additional crawl errors showing up on Google Webmaster Tools. Once the audit was complete we set out to fix all the technical issues and bring the website back to life with some code overhaul and speed optimization.

Once the framework and architecture of the website was close to 100% optimized, we began an aggressive content marketing campaign to get the ball rolling and to start building content we could use to drive links from other web properties and citation sources.

Proven Results


Overall organic traffic grew year over year by 46%


Increase in overall traffic value for the keywords ranked based on their CPC.


Number of keywords they currently rank for now.

Case Study Chart

By developing an aggressive content marketing strategy we were able to dramatically improve their organic results.

Growth Overview

case study

During the period of January 2015 to August 2016 we were able to increase organic traffic month over month by over 25% consistently. We started with little to no rankings for the “real estate lawyer” terms to bringing their rankings to the front page and top 5 positions for over 30 keywords related to real estate law.

The Results

case study

They now have organic traffic to their website that is worth an estimated $16k which is leaps and bounds above what they started with. When we began work with them they had less than $2k traffic net worth and only 10-12 keywords ranking anywhere.

They now have over 2,000 keywords ranked and that includes a list of real estate lawyer terms that are all in the top 10 and bring in business month over month for RELS.