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The world is changing. Yesterday it was having a Myspace, today it is SEO and Twitter, and tomorrow who knows. Digital marketing provides the vehicle with which all businesses must access this globalized and digitalized market of consumers. At Academic Ads we want to help and we want to do it in a way that allows you to focus on the things you love about your business.

We want to help you focus on the product you take so much time building and let us worry about telling the world about why your product/service is so necessary. Digital marketing is what we love. Whether it is getting your company a better search result on Google locally, nationally, internationally or all of the above, whether it is your social media, content on your site, really anything – we are your team. We also get that your digital marketing campaign being successful is only part of what you expect. We do our best to deliver quality, results-oriented work, a pleasurable and fun experience, and an experience that just allows you to relieve some stress. Because of all of the above, it is pretty clear that our customers are important to us. Our hard work is only as good as their positive results and experience.

Finding Clutch was a great way to bring together our loves of digital marketing and customer satisfaction. We’re ecstatic to be featured on Clutch, a DC-based ratings and reviews site that features B2B service companies to provide potential consumers the best information about what experience they may have working with any particular agency. They conducted a full-length review with a past client of ours on their site. So far they have only done one but we are happy with the feedback and excited to get more from other clients! This first reference includes a review of our services, as well as the general experience we provided as an agency.

A quote from one of our satisfied clients:

“I like to see where my money is going, and they’re very good at showing that in a transparent manner.”

Companies are distinguished by taking an agencies ability to deliver into account, their marketing presence, and the client reviews that are done on the phone by an analyst at Clutch. Their reviews are the most important part of the process which we are totally on board with because ultimately, how our clients experienced working with us is the ultimate litmus test as to whether or not we succeeded. While we are featured alongside other digital marketing companies on Clutch there are agencies of every different segment of digital design and development featured on the site including SEO, mobile app development, software development, and more.

If you are interested, check out our profile on Clutch and please reach out with any questions you have for us about our presence there or how our services can help you!


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An avid online marketing professional currently living in beautiful Toronto, Canada. I have worked for over a decade in the digital marketing space helping businesses succeed online.

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