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Local SEO Optimization

Ranking your business at the top of Google for the local Mississauga area with proven SEO strategies built on performance metrics and data.

SEO Website Audit

After performing a full audit we analyze your website and finding areas for improvement to help you with your rankings & growth.

On & Off Page Optimization

On-Page & Off-Page Optimization allow us to improve your website technically to improve your rankings and help turn your website into a lead generating machine.

Actionable Metrics & Reporting

Bringing it all together we offer a full reporting dashboard that gives an overview of your marketing campaign to make it easy for you to view your campaign progress & statistics.

Some businesses start out small – and stay that way. That’s fine for the basement hobbyist, but if you’re serious about growing your business, spreading your message far and wide, and being poised to help more customers, you need a web presence that’s going to get you there. Academic Ads is the best Mississauga SEO agency to help you reach your goals. We’re not just a search engine optimization firm; we’re a full service search engine marketing firm, defining your brand identity and ensuring that your website, marketing and social media communications are sending a clear, unified message to all your target audiences.

Why you need Mississauga SEO

Advances in technology have made it easy for almost anyone to hang out a digital shingle and start advertising. The problem with that is, while entry into the digital marketplace is easier than ever, as always, only the strongest survive. On the Internet, strength means being immediately visible to your customers on major search engines like Google. Search engine optimization (SEO) helps you get found and appear higher up on search pages than your competition. Why does it matter? Because busy potential customers don’t have the time or willingness to scroll through pages of search results looking for your business. People choose from the top few business listings that appear – often the first two. While the elevator pitch isn’t going away anytime soon, without SEO, you just don’t have legitimacy in the online world – which is where most of your customers decide whom to do business with.

Local Mississauga SEO is becoming increasingly important because handheld devices are here to stay. More and more people are doing most of their online business on a Smartphone or tablet, and when they search Google for a product or service, local companies outrank distant ones, even if the user doesn’t specifically do a local Mississauga search (which over half of them do). It’s essential for businesses to understand mobile SEO and optimize their websites for local searches.

The perils of doing your own internet marketing

The spirit of DIY likely served you well in the early days of starting your business, but the significant growth you’ve achieved since then probably hasn’t occurred solely based on your own. While nobody knows how to run your business better than you, your board and/or management team, the fact is that do it yourself SEO – no matter how simple a Buzzfeed list makes it sound – is time consuming and difficult for most entrepreneurs who aren’t trained in search engine optimization and internet marketing. Worse, doing it incorrectly can cause Google to frown upon your website and penalize you for improper practices.

Consider that in order to achieve higher rankings on major search engines such as Google, Bing and Yahoo!, websites must be well optimized for search engines. This will naturally boost your rankings, which in turn leads to more revenues as Google recognizes and rewards the popularity of your products, services and content. But that is just the beginning of the website optimization process. Once users actually click on your site, it remains to be seen whether they’ll do business with you or just leave – and the type of content, layouts and messaging you present to them has a lot to do with their decision. Academic Ads can help ensure that the online impression your Mississauga business conveys is one that captures attention and drives sales.

So, your website is optimized both in terms of client facing content and for the search engines. Great! Now what about your digital ad campaigns? Social media engagement? Tracking, reporting and A/B testing? Clearly, website optimization and internet marketing require a professional consultant who understands how the process works as an integrated whole to grow your online presence and increase conversions. You might be able to do it yourself…if you did nothing else!

How we do what we do


Academic Ads is a team of professional digital marketers and expert optimizers who perform a whole suite of online marketing and SEO services. We’re on your side from Day One, working hard to get you not only visible on Google, but absolutely dominating Google and other major search engines. As your dedicated Mississauga SEO consultants, we will:

SEO: an affordable investment that pays big dividends

Some businesses in the Mississauga area are stretched thin when it comes to their marketing budget. Yet with more and more companies choosing to allocate more and more of their marketing spend to digital, it just makes sense to pay attention to SEO. After all, your website is your permanent sales rep out in the world, operating 24/7. If SEO isn’t guiding customers to it, what’s the point of having one?

The good news is that as far as advertising dollars go, SEO is one of the most cost effective things you can do, yielding a far greater ROI than flashier online tactics like banner ads. Search engine optimization targets the people who are already looking online for your products and services. As a technique, it basically matches your customers with you, by drawing people to choose you rather than the competition in their online searches. Because you can optimize your web pages and add content over time, SEO is a perfect strategy for the budget-conscious business.

Finally, a Mississauga SEO/internet marketing firm who cares about your business

At Academic Ads, we don’t want to take your money and run, like some Mississauga SEO agencies who merely dabble in search engine optimization. Yes, we’ll turbocharge your business in the short term – but we’re also here for the long haul, making sure you continue to dominate Google search year in, year out in your chosen keywords. Academic Ads is proud to be an official Google Partner, meaning that Google has recognized us for managing and operating their products at a professional level. Our online marketing team has over a decade of experience in implementing proven SEO strategies to get you noticed online locally in Mississauga, and internationally around the world, by customers who want to do business with you.

Let Academic Ads leverage our combined knowledge and deliver optimal results for you. Let’s talk. Call 1-888-979-9517 or fill out our quote form and let’s discuss an action plan based on hard data and a proven blueprint that has helped hundreds of GTA businesses benefit from online success and increased revenues. We look forward to speaking with you very soon!

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Academic Ads is an official Google Partner and we are proud of it. This equates to Google recognizing Academic Ads for managing & operating Google's products at a professional level. Our online marketing team has over a decade of experience to leverage our combined knowledge and deliver optimal results for our clients.

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