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At Academic Ads we believe in the highest level of service possible, offered to both our clients and our advertisers. We have an uncompromising online marketing process in place to ensure the highest standard of work, so that no stone is left unturned. Our Management team exudes over 25 years experience in marketing, sales, and new media solutions.

Our normal project approach/methodology is outlined below. We work on a 4-step process that has been fine-tuned to ensure maximum efficiency and performance for our marketing campaign. While we rely on this process to guide us and provide a framework for our projects, we are not bound by it and maintain sufficient flexibility to scale it as dictated by an individual clients needs.



We start every project by studying the client’s business objectives, customer data, competitive landscape, performance metrics, brand strategy, and other issues that help us design a solution.



Collaborating on a customer-driven approach to the solution we present design explorations, content tone and voice recommendations, information architecture concepts.



We shift into production mode to refine the recommendations and we make concluding decisions and adjustments and then provide actionable guidelines and specifications.



We produce and analyze reporting based on measures of success, then make recommendations to help Clients plan for the future and determine next steps

PPC AdWords Management

PPC Management & Advertising

A paid search marketing campaign (often referred to as PPC or pay-per-click) is one of the fastest ways to start driving targeted direct response to your business.

Paid listings appear when a user searches using a search engine (Bing, Yahoo, Google) and only cost money when the actual ad is clicked upon, driving a direct consumer to a website or landing page. This is the fastest way to get your business on the front page of the search engines and start receiving traffic.

Utilizing a PPC campaign in conjunction with Search Engine Optimization (SEO), will not only increase your visibility and brand recognition amongst your target audience, but also will improve the quality of the traffic you get to your website.

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SEO Services Toronto

SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

Here at Academic Ads we pride ourselves in not only gaining top rankings, but maintaining those top rankings. We understand the importance of staying competitive in your market and will coordinate our efforts in line with your business objectives.

A top placement in Google can be worth thousands of dollars if not hundreds of thousands of dollars over time, this is why investing in your business through SEO for the long run just makes sense.

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Web Design Toronto

Web Design & Development

As a web design firm in Toronto we know that having a unique presence on the web can make or break you when it comes to your business. Here at Academic Ads we pride ourselves in providing only the best website designs for our clients.

We ensure our web designs are modern, responsive (meaning they will fit on any screen size), as well as captivating and marketing driven.

Our goal with every website project is to ensure your business is generating more leads, more phone calls, and in general more business. Quality website design is hard to find and that is why Academic Ads employs only the finest and most talented web designers and graphic artists to bring your vision to life on the web.

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Internet Marketing Toronto

Internet Marketing & Advertising Services

We can help you organize your plan of attack with our definitive strategic planning by:

  • ObjectivesDefine clear cut goals for measuring success and organizing a strategy that aligns with your business objectives
  • ReviewsReview current online marketing initiatives to find areas for improvement to increase productivity and performance
  • ResultsCoordinate content development and delivery to align with organic marketing efforts to achieve best results

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More Services

Academic Ads provide expert analytics implementation to allow us to vividly monitor and optimize your online marketing campaign. We understand that reporting matters and being able to pinpoint a measurement for success will allow for longer growth and better returns for your brand.

Analytics & Reporting

Analytics &

We provide expert analytics implementation to allow us to vividly monitor and optimize your online marketing campaign.

Social Media Marketing

Social Media

We target the social spaces with the highest number of potential customers to achieve maximum ROI.

CRO Conversion Rate Optimization

Conversion Rate

We will identify key areas of your website to benchmark so we have an idea of how well your site is converting currently.

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I have worked with Academic Ads for over 3 years and can honestly say that it has been a pleasure the entire time. The automotive leasing industry is very competitive like most businesses, and you need to look at every advantage that will lead you to success. Academic Ads has done that for me with their knowledge of online marketing and their persistent follow through are one of the reasons our business has been able to grow so effectively. Testimonials

Henri Cousineau - Nissan Motors

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