You have to nail the first 20 seconds. Who you are. Whats in it for them. Why are you calling them. Where did you get their name. What’s in it for the buyer. Check their trust.


1. This is Lorne from Academic Ads. (Pre Qualify IF Decision Maker) Is now a good time to talk?

The reason I am calling is that I’m working with local businesses in your area and I wanted to show you some ways you could improve your digital marketing and inbound lead generation.

2. The reason I want to set a meeting is there is a strong possibility my company can increase your web traffic by 500%.

Optional: I’d like to send you a free audit to show areas your business could improve and greatly increase your traffic/revenue.

(Capture Email – send SEMRush Audit for follow up + book meeting to go over findings)

3. To be sure I am not wasting your time let me ask you?
A. When is the last time you looked at the traffic to your website?
B. If I could just do 1⁄2 of what I claim and get you increased traffic would you invest money to increase traffic?
C. If I could deliver the kind of results I am talking about would you be willing to invest money in your website?’
D. Other than yourself who would be involved with this decision?

3. Would you make time for me tomorrow/this week/next week to meet with one of our head analysts?

See the difference? I’ll break down the parts of the call:

1. Greeting (introduce myself)

This is _______ with ________

2. Reason I’m calling and a BIG CLAIM.

3. Qualifying the lead

a. do you qualify?

b. what are main issues?

c. why haven you not done this already?

d. magic question – if I could even do 1/2 of what I have promised…

DM. Other than yourself who is involved with this decision.

4. Get the appointment. Would you have time to meet me later?


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